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[IDEA] Scheduled Event System
I have an idea for some extra activities in the server. It's fun to have daily scheduled event that happen at a certain time during the day. 
For example: The event starts at 19:30 every day, players need to sign up when they are in game to participate in these events (sign ups start at 19:15). The events are chosen from a pool of events that are designed to test a players skill. These events are free-for-all which means that it's you against the rest, winner takes the price money and some experience for their effort. Losers will either take nothing or some pity price.

What type of events will work for this event system?

- Demolition Derby (cars, destruction.. you get the idea)
- Battle Royal on a deserted island (custom mapped)
- Free for all Deathmatch (Needs no introduction)
- Glass breaking games (glass panes fall out of the floor, last person standing wins)
- Race on custom maps / race tracks
- Cashbox Delivery (Cashbox appears somewhere on the map, players get a hint but no checkpoint. First person to deliver the cashbox wins)
- Grand Theft Auto (Search for a specific car, this could be just a vehicle model. First one to deliver, wins)

And there are plenty more, people can suggest events

Every player should start with equal opportunities, so they will start with the same toolkit (car, weapons or w/e the event needs). Besides that the normal server rules apply.

The one player that wins will recieve cash (for example: base price + 150$ entry fee for every person attending) and experience. You can even add special events that reward you a vehicle or some other price.

Why daily, at a specific time?
Because it stays fresh and fun. Every day the server picks the event for the next day. The events for today and tomorrow will be shown at a specific place, where you can also sign up for the event (15 minutes before starting time). Players will get excited when it's time to do the event again today, people log in for these kind of events. It also gives the winner some bragging rights for a day!

Find a location that's easily accessible, put a billboard on that spot and add a 3dtext with the events for today and tomorrow. When it's 19:15 a pickup appears and people can sign up.

Who can join?
Great idea, going to implement it in a later stage! Maybe we can even expand it a little more, but we will see. Smile
(29-04-2019 20:35)BlackBank Wrote: Great idea, going to implement it in a later stage! Maybe we can even expand it a little more, but we will see. Smile

Oh yes, it should be designed to be expanded. More events, maybe even group events or faction events.

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