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Some news!
Hello everyone,

First of all thank you all for sticking around, we know that things have been a bit quiet. Some random screenshots have been posted in the #teases channel, but we feel that it's about time to give a status update about the gamemode and server.

We're currently working hard to get the gamemode ready to a state we call MVP (minimum viable product). To get to the MVP, we need to finish and tidy up multiple systems that are still in development. Progression is going well, but time constraints amongst the development team will always be a thing. To give you a slight overview of what's currently implemented:

Basic police functionality
This includes a crime system that will get you a wanted level, this will either be set by a police officer or by the system for doing illegal activities (e.g. robbing a store). The police will have to trace you down and either give you a fine or throw you in jail. Officers currently have access to a small toolkit they can use, this includes a tazer that can be used to stun a target that's on the run.

(Mini) Jobs
We currently have three jobs in place that you can do. You can deliver pizza all around San Fierro for a nice paycheck and some tips or you can sweep the streets to earn your living. There's also a job at Jizzy's Pleasure Domes, but that's currently level restricted to level 5.

At the hour mark you can get your paycheck, this paycheck will be collected at the City Hall, your paycheck consist of the money you make doing legal jobs (e.g. being a cop & mini jobs) and some exp that will help you level up! Don't worry if you miss your paycheck, you will get it next time you have a chance to visit the City hall when the hour mark passes.

Properties (currently in development)
You've made yourself some money, but you need a place to sleep? Buy your own house! Yes, YOUR house. Housing not really your thing? You can also buy businesses if that's more your thing!

Vehicles (currently in development)
Vehicles are all around San Fierro, ready for you to be hotwired! You have full control over your vehicle (light, doors, hood, trunk and the engine). There's also a possibility to buy your own vehicle and store it at your garage, you'll be able to pimp and tune the car to your liking and use it as much as you like! It's still in full development and we will have more to share about this soon!

Factions (currently in development)
Want to team up with some friends and start your own gang? Want to join the Police Department? Well factions is the way to do this. We are busy creating a faction system that's elegant and easy to use. There are almost no commands needed to make and manage your faction. You can setup ranks (maximum 6 at the moment), change their name, change their permissions (yes, ranks have permissions!) and the best of all, everbody with level 5 and 2 hour playtime can create their own faction, no need to ask an admin to create a faction for you!

This is not everything that the gamemode has to offer, and we're not done developing. Do you have an amazing idea, is there a thing we overlooked or something that HAS to be implemented? Let us know! You can post them here:

We hope to have more information for you soon!

- Development Team

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